Google+: Implications & Opportunities for Marketers




  • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


  • Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
  • 999 Canada Place Vancouver, British Columbia


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Brands like Ford, Red Bull and Kodak were among the first to start experimenting with Google+ when the platform rolled out its business pages in November. But many companies are still struggling to understand the role of Google+ in the marketing mix. Is it just another social media platform? Is it really all that different from Facebook? Does being on Google+ help businesses rank higher in search results?

In this presentation, Chris Breikss of 6S Marketing and Adam Froman of Delvinia will provide an overview of the unique features of the site, including its relevancy in Google search. They’ll also outline the pros and cons of the network to help you decide whether your business should be employing a Google+ strategy, and share their own learning as users of Google+.


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