Reinventing Retirement from an Organizational Lens




  • 8:30 am - 12:00 pm


  • Annex Consulting Group
  • 555 Burrard Street Vancouver, British Columbia


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Its happening! Your concern about knowledge loss as the Baby Boomers retire is very real and continues to be a pain point. Having a succession plan and capturing knowledge is the answer but that is only one part of it. Getting ready for the boomer exodus means having a continuity plan and recognizing that the transition will be an emotional experience for all parties retirees, the people staying and the stakeholders/customers in the retirees network.
This workshop will address organizational pain points and provide a new perspective on what retirement readiness looks like for employers today. Key take-aways: Broaden your perspective on the retirement challenges; Obtain some pragmatic tips for reinventing how you think about your organizational succession plan; Explore knowledge transfer approaches; Gain ideas on how to support and engage retirees as they transition to the next stage of their life.


  • General Price: $195
  • 1 participant $195 2 to 5 participants $175 each 6 + participants $150 each


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