Practical Intellectual Property Strategies for Engineers and Geoscientists




  • 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


  • via Webcast
  • via Webcast Vancouver, British Columbia


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This seminar will delve into the practical details of managing intellectual property, focusing on the ownership of IP, mitigating IP-related risk, and acquiring and using IP, with a focus on trade secrets, copyright and patents.

Participants of this seminar will understand how to recognize and resolve ownership issues regarding intellectual property, between you and your employees, subcontractors, and your clients, including:

Who owns the intellectual property in your work?
What rights does your client obtain to use your work now and in the future?
What rights do you retain to re-use your work or portions of your work for another client or another project?


  • General Price: $229
  • Member Price: $189
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