Defining Leadership




  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


  • Downtown Vancouver Vancouver, British Columbia


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  • Downtown Vancouver Vancouver, British Columbia


Led by Mary Prefontaine, regular contributor to the Huffington Post and President + CEO of the Institute for Career Advancement Needs, Defining Leadership is a multi-day program for emerging + high potential leaders.

Over the course of three 2-day sessions, an intimate group of participants will explore leadership in the context of three themes: Stepping into your Power, Creating Vision + Achieving Vibrancy.

ICAN‘s Defining Leadership can be an integral part of succession planning and maximizing team output for business success.

Participants will leverage respected tools such as Emergenetics Assessment, Emotional Quotient Inventory and the HayGroup Managerial Style Workbook, among others. Participants also enjoy 1:1 coaching with moderators.


  • General Price: $2,999
  • Defining Leadership will be held over four sessions in early 2013. January 10 + 11 January 31, February 1 February 21 + 22 March 8


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