Fun and Fearless Public Speaking




  • 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


  • (Venue details will be provided to registrants at a later time.) Burnaby, British Columbia


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  • (Venue details will be provided to registrants at a later time.) Burnaby, British Columbia


Ron Balagot, creator of the From Nervous To Fearless Presenting System and author of the Special Report, How Executives Can Speak Fearlessly In Front Of Any Sized Audience, believes that no one should have to suffer physical or mental discomfort when speaking to groups.

In fact, he strongly feels that the constant struggle and suffering most speakers/presenters go through are completely "unnecessary."

And that's why he created the fun, intense, and empowering workshop, "Fun and Fearless Public Speaking."

To help executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs become very comfortable and confident when speaking to helping them to unleash their inner fearless presenter. The part of themselves they've forgotten to access for a long time (since they were little kids).

And by doing so, it will allow them to consistently present at peak front of any sized group (big or small).

Consider Dr. Karl Menninger's quote below:

"Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out." -- Dr. Karl Menninger

So, if you're tired of struggling with public speaking fears/anxieties (ex. freezing up, shaky knees, nausea, dizziness, pounding heart, etc.), go ahead and visit Ron's website and register for the workshop.

It will be one of the best decisions and investments you'll ever make in the area of presentations skills (and personal) development.

(Note: If you want to secure a spot, you'll want to register early, since seats are limited. Plus, another good reason to register early is to take advantage of the limited time Early Bird Special that will allow you to save $100. Lastly, realize that there's no risk on your part, since Ron offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.)


  • General Price: $299
  • Visit website for details about limited time Early Bird Special and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Inquire about group discount.


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