Business Plan FastTrack 3: Financial Planning and Strategies




  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


  • Small Business BC
  • Suite 82 - 601 West Cordova Street Vancouver, British Columbia


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To examine the business from a financial point of view means determining the amount of money needed to get the business running and carry it until it can support itself through positive cash flow, estimating the amount of time this will take, and projecting the income potential of the business is a first step in planning. The financial plan is basic to the evaluation of the viability of the business opportunity. It is very important that your financial projections represent you’re best estimates and that you take an honest, realistic look at the business. Once operations begin, a well-prepared financial plan can be used to provide benchmarks by which the company’s progress can be measured, calling attention to the areas where performance is not as expected. (Not offered on the videoconference network)

Learning Objectives:
· Determine realistic financial projections.
· Set benchmarks to help you measure progress.
· Identify weaknesses in your financials.
· Be prepared to approach lenders for financing.

Presented By: Bill Erichson of Pacific Training Innovations.


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