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  • Virtual - Teleseminar Online, British Columbia


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  • Virtual - Teleseminar Online, British Columbia


Are You Set For Greater Success in 2013?

If you feel overwhelmed by the busy-ness of marketing instead of actually consistently growing your business, you're not alone. A lot of business owners are stuck in neutral and challenged with not having enough sales, getting enough clients and figuring out how to make their marketing work consistently.

In fact, how to get more clients is by far the most common challenge business owners face. But it doesn't have to be that way!

If you’re not sure where your next client is coming from I’d like to invite you to attend a 75 minute free Teleseminar on Thursday, December 13th at Noon PT

Join us and discover…

~ The top 3 reasons why business owners struggle to get enough clients

~ A key stumbling block that keeps you in struggle mode

~ My customized plan to help overcome the feast-famine cycle

~ A preview of the "Pedal to the Metal" Speed Marketing Program

~ How to get a jump start on the competition for BIG results in 2013

As well, I'll be opening up the phone lines for a LIVE Q&A session where you can personally ask all your marketing and client-getting questions.

So if you're ready to rev up your marketing and speed your way to more clients then please join us!

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