Conflict Resolution for Boards




  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


  • Brix Studio
  • 102 - 211 Columbia Street Vancouver, British Columbia


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SPEAKER: Carol Sutton
An organizational communication specialist, Carol J. Sutton holds certificates in mediation and conflict resolution (Cert.ConRes.) from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Understanding our own and others’ motivation is always fundamental to collaboration, and never more so than on volunteer Boards. This webinar is designed to lead Board members and others through a thought process that improves one’s ability to collaborate, while lowering the prospect of conflict. In this session, we will:
- Learn what it takes to turn conflict into a positive experience, and why this is important.
- Find out how to identify a person’s communication preferences from what they talk about.
- Discover an often-overlooked factor that helps deepen collaboration.
- What’s puzzling you about communication with another person? Get a “cheat sheet” on how to deal with them at this session.


  • Price: Free


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