BBB Seminar - Google Analytics: CSI for your online Marketing




  • 11:00 am - 1:30 pm


  • BBB Boardroom
  • 417 - 788 Beatty St. Vancouver, British Columbia


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Do you have a company website, but are unsure as to who your website visitors are? Want to learn more about Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is your crime scene investigation tool kit. Google Analytics will tell you valuable information about:

- Who is looking at your site
- What they are searching for
- How long they are spending on it
- What pages they're reading
- If your online advertising is effective
- If your Social Media is working

Learn how to use Google Analytics to help you understand your website visitors.

Naveed Hajee, Business Development Manager
Snaptech Marketing Group
Phone: 604.677.0742

Snaptech Marketing
Suite #110 - 2465 Beta Ave,
Burnaby, BC - V5C 5N


  • General Price: $35
  • Member Price: $25
  • Attend Via video Conference: $15


Today Aug 29