CAPS Vancouver: 3 Minutes to Inform, Influence & Inspire with Nabil Doss




  • 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • Granville Island Hotel
  • 1252 Johnson St Vancouver, British Columbia


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This is your opportunity to get tips from a movie trailer director on how to increase the emotional impact of your message in keynotes and presentations using Hollywood cinematic techniques! From the typeface, graphics, music and videos you select to the way you interact with your AV elements onstage; every single element of a presentation contributes in creating a riveting motion picture effect.

Movies have the unique ability of bringing together words, images and sound to create a compelling emotional experience. Combining skilled screenplay writing to create memorable lines; dynamic camera work to immerse the viewer in the action; powerful soundtrack and music to trigger the right emotions; and masterful direction to bring the story to life. Great cinematography boasts an unsurpassed storytelling technique!

As a movie trailer and television commercial producer and director, Nabil has worked on hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters, pinpointing the key message and capturing the essence of the storyline with words, images and sound.

Known as “The French Voice of Paramount Pictures in Canada”, Nabil is an engaged communicator with a unique background, in a multitude of communications-related disciplines encompassing all facets of visual, verbal and written communication.
Nabil is a Professional Speaker and Trainer and is CAPS 2013 National President. He is also an active member of AFCP (Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels) and Past Vice-President, Communications of APCM (the Montreal Chapter of the American Marketing Association).


  • General Price: $50
  • Member Price: $20
  • Members $20 / $25 at door. Guests $50


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