MediaCore takes top prize in tech competition

Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:00am PST

Victoria-based MediaCore Technologies Inc. has taken top prize at the BC Innovation Council (BCIC)-New Ventures competition, which supports emerging B.C. technology.

MediaCore is a cloud-based, online video learning platform for K-12, universities and corporations that provide education or training to students online.

MediaCore also took home the Plug and Play Tech Centre prize.

Other winners were:

  • for second prize: NaviDent Technologies Inc., with a dental technology to allow dentists to better place dental implants;
  • for third prize: MyBestHelper Solutions Inc., which offers an online booking system for finding childcare;
  • for the BC Bioenergy Network prize: Mazza Innovation, which develops a pressurized low polarity water extraction technique;
  • for the Vancity Social Venture prize: Twothirds Water Inc., which develops and markets water treatment products to developing countries.

Bob de Wit, executive director of the New Ventures BC Society, said the competition jury was extremely impressed with the quality of companies that entered the competition.

"We know that all of our finalists can look forward to great business success in the future, and we take pride in the fact that the educational series, events and mentorship that we have provided them during the competition will contribute to that success," he said.

John Jacobson, president and CEO of BCIC, congratulated all finalists.

"These companies join an impressive list of more than 1,500 program alumni over 12 years of competition, including 140 winners who have raised $112 million in financing and created over 650 jobs for British Columbians," he said.

"We look forward to seeing these businesses grow and continue to contribute to B.C.'s economy."


Tags: technology and engineering, VanCity Savings Credit Union, British Columbia Innovation Council, Bob de Wit

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