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Port applauds province’s move to replace George Massey Tunnel

Tue Oct 2, 2012 10:00am PST

Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is applauding last week’s announcement from the B.C. government that it has begun planning to replace the George Massey Tunnel (GMT).

The port said it has been encouraging the government to take action to address the long-standing concern that the GMT presents a barrier to continued growth in the Fraser River terminals, in particular to Fraser Surrey Docks. 

According to PMV, the single biggest challenge that the GMT represents to ocean-going vessels is related to ship “draft” – the depth of water the vessels need to transit the Fraser River.

“The B.C. government’s new commitment to replace the GMT sends a strong message that this port and this province are open for business and ready to seize opportunities resulting from continued growth in Asian economies,” said Robin Silvester, president and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver.

“A modernized crossing will further expand trade opportunities for the Fraser River terminals, like Fraser Surrey Docks, well into the future, which in turn supports a strong economy and good local jobs for many years to come.”



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