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New-format store opening in North Vancouver

Fri Nov 2, 2012 10:00am PST

Burnaby-based Future Shop is opening its first store today in North Vancouver – a small-format outlet that will allow customers to buy products on site and order them via the Internet.

The consumer electronics retailer is touting the brand as a "new concept store with a smaller footprint," explaining the space will be 5,000 square feet, as opposed to its typical size of 27,000 square feet.

Future Shop says the store will provide a seamless experience between online and in-person shopping, allowing customers to touch and play with some of the latest tech gadgets and order anything from their online store after having the opportunity to try them first.

"Not only can customers purchase our top-selling products in-store, they can order line extensions and our expanded assortment, such as baby care, tools, furniture and luggage," said vice-president of store design Sanath Munasinghe. "Our store's product experts are cross-trained, meaning they are knowledgeable in every department of the store with flexibility to help customers from one department to the next."

Future Shop said all employees will be equipped with a tablet to do product demonstrations for customers and allow them to make price comparisons.

A second store is expected to open in Ontario next month.


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