HootSuite launches business-focused Facebook features

Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:00am PST

HootSuite announced this morning that it has added to its dashboard two new Facebook features that are specifically geared toward its business clients.

The Vancouver-based social media management system company said it has greatly enhanced demographic targeting, allowing its business users to hone in on Facebook users by age, gender, interests, education and relationship status.

In addition, a Geo-Fencing profile feature has been added, in which team members of HootSuite business users can create profiles to target their posts to specific audiences, based on factors such as language and location. 

“With features like demographic targeting and Geo-Fencing, more companies than ever will be able to prioritize social on their home turf,” said HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. “These functions are an extension of our effort to make HootSuite a truly international offering.”

HootSuite also announced additional features for all users, including:

  • private messaging: this will allow private conversations within the HootSuite streams to be expanded so users can view entire threads;
  • Facebook search: users will be able to search Facebook from within the HootSuite dashboard;
  • event streams: this will allow users to create streams of group events within the dashboard; and
  • real-time likes and comments: users will be able to view and monitor likes and comments in real-time while in HootSuite.

HootSuite said the changes are available immediately.


Tags: Ryan Holmes, Facebook Inc, HootSuite Media Inc., social media

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