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Vancouver homebuilder CRM maker buys American peer

Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:30am PST

Vancouver's Lasso Data Systems plans to acquire Washington, D.C.-based UFollowUp. Both companies make customer relations management (CRM) software for homebuilders, the company announced last week.

Lasso already has sales in the U.S., and the company said the acquisition will help broaden its reach.

"Bringing UFollowUp into Lasso is a natural fit as it further extends our market share and footprint across North America while enhancing our customer service capabilities in the eastern United States," said Lasso CEO Dave Clements.

"UFollowUp is highly skilled and experienced in CRM and their homebuilder and multifamily customer base matches our target market. This strategic acquisition will provide us with additional expert resources geographically close to our customers, which is part of our strategy for rapid growth accompanied by personalized service."
The combined company will be headquartered in Vancouver. Clements remains as CEO. UFollowUp's principal, Marc Regardie, will become vice-president, eastern region, and will remain based in Washington, D.C.


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