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Nk'Mip named top winery in the province, second in Canada

Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:00am PST

Nk'Mip Cellars took home an impressive 14 medals and earned the titles of the #1 Winery in British Columbia and #2 Winery in Canada at the 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards, the winery announced this morning.

More than 1,000 wines were evaluated by leading wine experts across the country, with honours handed down in nearly two dozen categories.

"Our goal is to create wines that showcase our remarkable terroir," said senior winemaker Randy Picton. "Being awarded a medal for every wine entered into this competition is rewarding and lets us know we are on the right track."

Nk'Mip, prounounced "in-ka-meep," is owned by the Osoyoos Indian Band, led by Chief Clarence Louie, and is the first aboriginal-owned and operated winery in North America.

Four of Nk'Mip's wines received gold medals, including its 2009 Mer'r'iym Meritage and its Qwam Qwmt Cabernet Sauvignon.

The top five wineries in the country were:

  1. Tawse Winery in Vineland, Ontario, which placed first last year as well;
  2. Nk'Mip Cellers;
  3. Penticton's Painted Rock Estate Winery;
  4. Church & State Wines of Oliver, B.C.; and
  5. Road 13 Vineyards, also located in Oliver.

Seven of the top 10 wineries were from British Columbia.

Full results of the wine competition are available at


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