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Business council hosts seminar on addressing skills shortage

Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:00am PST

Addressing the skilled labour shortage in B.C. will be the topic of an all-day conference Thursday sponsored by the Business Council of BC.

An industrial boom in Northern B.C., driven mainly by the mining and natural gas sectors, is already creating a skilled worker shortage, as underscored by the controversial hiring of 200 Chinese coal miners by HD Mining International for its Murray River mine in Tumbler Ridge.

Identifying underused labour pools and improving connections between major projects and human resources are among the topics to be discussed at Thursday's seminar.

Guest speakers will include Rick Miner, author of People without Jobs, Jobs without People and Jobs of the Future: Options and Opportunities, and John Abbott,
director of the British 21st Century Learning Initiative.

David Manicom, director general of the Immigration Branch, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, will speak about modernizing Canada's economic immigrant program.

Tickets are $200 or $1,600 for a table of eight.


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