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Victoria criticized for creating new Jumbo municipality

Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:00am PST

Critics blasted the B.C. government for its November 20 announcement that it has approved the incorporation of Jumbo as a mountain resort municipality. 

"To create a town where there are no residents, to appoint a council that may never face election and do this with no real possibility that a resort will be built is ridiculous," said Norm Macdonald, who represents Columbia River-Revelstoke. "But a small group of Jumbo supporters are getting their way on this one: transferring control of public lands into private hands."

Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Bill Bennett, earlier in the day, appointed a municipal council for a term ending November 30, 2014. An interim corporate officer will serve until the first council meeting of the new muncipality.

Greg Deck, Nancy Hugunin and Steve Ostrander were appointed councillors of the municipality that currently has a population of zero.

Victoria approved Jumbo Glacier Resort's master development agreement in March 2012, following a 20-year review process and extensive

In 2009, the Regional District of East Kootenay requested that the B.C.
government incorporate Jumbo as a mountain resort municipality. In May 2012, government amended the Local Government Act to clarify provincial authority to incorporate a mountain resort municipality whether or not there are residents in the area at the time of incorporation.
The year-round ski resort will be located at the foot of Jumbo Mountain
and Jumbo Glacier, 55 km west of Invermere. The $450 million resort is
planned in three phases and is expected to ultimately include 5,500 beds in a 104-hectare resort base area.

It is projected to provide approximately 3,750 person-years of construction employment and create 750 to 800 permanent full-time jobs.

Construction of the resort is not expected until at least mid-2013.



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