GrowLab announces its 2012 winter cohort companies

Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:00am PST

Vancouver's GrowLab has announced the five new startup companies that have been chosen to participate in its winter 2012 program, the startup accelerator stated yesterday.

A diverse range of innovative startups have been selected for the four-month program.

GrowLab's founders and its executive director, Mike Edwards, will work with the teams and lead them through an intensive acceleration period. Each company will get up to $25,000 in seed funding, as well as mentorship and office space.

They will then have the opportunity to secure funding of $150,000 from BDC Venture Capital.

"Startups, both locally and internationally, now see that GrowLab is a game-changer," said Edwards. "Our founders are committed to adding value and are invested in the success of these companies."

The winter 2012 cohort member companies are:

  • ePACT – an emergency network that uses online networking to connect organizations and individuals in times of crisis;
  • Good Momming! – an interactive menu planner that gives personalized baby feeding and growth recommendations to new parents, accessible via mobile devices;
  • KarmaHire – a cloud recruitment suite that allows companies to source, screen and hire talent;
  • Procurify – a "spend management solution" that streamlines procurement processes; and
  • SpaceList – a website that brings Canada's commercial real estate listings together in one place.

The program will conclude with a Demo Day event, which will allow the companies to showcase their technologies and pitch them to a group of angel and venture investors.


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