Payfirma, UrtheCast make national top 20 innovators list

Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:00am PST

Payfirma, the Vancouver mobile payment company that turns tablets into point of sales terminals, will be among 20 Canadian companies recognized by the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) at a banquet in Toronto tonight.

Payfirma is one of the 20 Canadian companies named to CIX's list of 20 hottest innovators.

As described earlier this month in Business in Vancouver, Payfirma makes an e-commerce platform that allows tablets and smartphones to be turned into credit card terminals using credit card readers.

Also named to the CIX top 20 list this year is UrtheCast Inc., which is working on an ambitious plan to stream high-definition video of Earth shot from space using high-resolution cameras. UrtheCast's head office is in Vancouver; it also has offices in San Francisco and Calgary.

UrtheCast plans to put high definition cameras on the International Space Station. Starting next year, it plans to start streaming live high-def video of the Earth and display it in real time on its website.

"We're extremely proud to be named one of Canada's top innovators," said UrtheCast president and CEO Scott Larson. "This CIX event provides a great venue for Canadian tech companies to connect with fellow innovators, build the industry's profile, and engage with the investment community."


Tags: wireless technology, UrtheCast

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