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First Nation files for judicial review of Jumbo ski resort

Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:00am PST

The Jumbo Glacier ski resort, which has faced two decades of legal and regulatory delays and roadblocks, is facing yet another hurdle: a legal challenge by the Ktunaxa First Nation.

The First Nation planned to file to the BC Supreme Court for a judicial review of the project today.

Glacier Resorts Ltd. first proposed the project in 1990, but faced a series of challenges, including stiff opposition from environmental groups and the Ktunaxa, who are opposed to a ski resort in a pristine section of the Purcell Mountains in southeastern B.C., which is renowned grizzly bear territory.

The $900 million, 6,500-bed ski resort was approved by the provincial government in March. Recently the creation of a new municipality for the resort was also approved.

The Ktunaxa claim the resort would be "a desecration of a principal Ktunaxa sacred site."

Earlier this year, former B.C. Treaty Minister Geoff Plant expressed doubt a judicial review would succeed because the province had fulfilled its duty to consult with the Ktunaxa.

"It's rare that a court will grant an injunction to support a complaint that there was inadequate consultation," he told Business in Vancouver.

Not all First Nations in the area oppose the project. The Shuswap Indian Band signed a benefits agreement with the resort's developers.


Tags: environment, municipal, tourism and leisure, provincial government, First Nations, Glacier Resorts Ltd.

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