lists: Biggest registered foundations in B.C. in 2012

Biggest registered foundations in B.C. in 2012

RANKED BY | Total assets in 2012
Rank '12Organization
Year foundedArea of focusTop staff executiveTop volunteer executiveRevenue '12
Expenditures '12
Liabilities '12
Assets '12
1Vancouver Foundation
555 Hastings St W Suite 1200, Vancouver V6B 4N6
P: 604-688-2204 F: 604-688-4170
1943Vancouver Foundation recognizes the complexity of communities and funds a wide array of areas: animal welfare; arts and culture; children, youth and families; education; environment; health and social development; medical research; youth philanthropy and youth homelessnessFaye Wightman, president and CEOGordon MacDougall, board chair$46.79 million1
$45.33 million1
$1.54 million1
$748.39 million1
2Victoria Foundation
645 Fort St Suite 109, Victoria V8W 1G2
P: 250.381.5532 F: 250.480.1129
1967A pool of charitable gifts to create permanent, income-earning funds to benefit the community, supporting charities in the arts, community services, education, environment, health and recreationSandra Richardson, CEODeirdre Roberts, board chair$17.56 million1
$12.11 million1
$52.06 million1
$180.69 million1
3Apotex Foundation
700 Georgia St W Suite 2700, Vancouver V7Y 1B8
P: 416-749-9300 F: 416-401-3812 NP
1984Scholarships, bursaries, awards, hospitals, places of worshipNPBernard Sherman, chair and CEO, Apotex Inc.$2.15 million
$1.43 million
$107.43 million
4John Volken Foundation
6911 King George Hwy, Surrey V3W 5A1
P: 604-592-3001 F: 604-592-3004
1998Operators of Welcome Home Society, Lift the Children, Welcome Home for Children, PricePro and PriceCo to provide disadvantaged people with what they need to become self-sufficient, contributing members of societyJohn Volken, founder, Bil KoonarNP$9.09 million1
$6.28 million1
$11.5 million1
$101.19 million1
5Jim Pattison Foundation
1067 Cordova St W Suite 1800, Vancouver V6C 1C7
P: 604-688-6764 F: 604-694-6900
1994The principal gifts made by the charity were in the areas of medical/hospital capital programs, Christian independent schools and other religious activitiesNPJim Pattison, chair$2.52 million1
$8.08 million
$5.06 million1
$95.87 million1
6Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation
325 Howe St Suite 502, Vancouver V6C 1Z7
P: 604-683-7575 F: 604-683-7580
1962Medical research, economic education and assistance to recipients in need. Investigation and support of complementary and alternative medicineAngela Webster, executive directorNP$18.64 million1
$18.15 million1
$6.16 million1
$87.64 million1
7Sherman Foundation
700 Georgia St W Suite 2700, Vancouver V7Y 1B8
1999Funds various religious, education and health organizations in CanadaBernard Sherman, chairNP$876,089
$81.25 million
8Diamond Foundation
105 Commercial Dr N, Vancouver V5L 4V7
P: 604-255-9301 F: 604-255-3434 NP
1984Donations to qualified doneesJill Diamond, executive directorGordon Diamond, president$12.73 million1
$12.27 million1
$75.23 million1
9Audain Foundation
1333 West Broadway Suite 900, Vancouver V6H 4C2
P: 604-877-1131 F: 604-871-4280 NP
1997Donations to qualified donees in support of the visual artsNPMichael Audain$11.12 million1
$3.59 million1
$75.08 million1
10Tula Foundation
PO Box 309, Heriot Bay V0P 1H0
P: 519-272-9982 F: NP NP
2001Nature and habitat-conservation groups, research and universities and collegesNPEric Peterson, founder and president$5.44 million
$3.86 million
$74.07 million1
11Aqueduct Foundation
650 Georgia St W Suite 510 PO Box 11538, Vancouver V6B 4N7
P: 604-718-7100 F: 604-718-7152
2006Aqueduct receives gifts from individuals across Canada and makes grants to a wide variety of charities at the recommendation of our donorsNPRodney Scheuerman, chair, Terry Didus, secretary, James Parks, treasurer$36.99 million1
$31.06 million1
$68.33 million1
12Coast Conservation Endowment Fund Foundation
409 Granville St Suite 1455, Vancouver V6C 1T2
P: 604-684-0223 F: NP
2005Long-term fund designed to support activities that maintain or improve the Great Bear RainforestScott Rehmus, CEOMerv Child, board chair$1.4 million1
$2.83 million1
$67.22 million1
13Vancity Community Foundation
815 Hastings St W Suite 510, Vancouver V6C 1B4
P: 604-877-7553 F: 604-709-6909
1989Primary focus in areas of nonprofit social enterprise, community owned real estate and collaborative approaches to changeDerek Gent, executive directorCam Brewer, Sean Markey, co-chairs$10 million
$7.91 million
$45.13 million
14Loyalty Foundation
1500 Georgia St W Suite 1555, PO Box 62, Vancouver V6G 2Z6
P: 604-683-7006 F: 604-683-5676 NP
2003Gifts to qualified doneesNPGreg Kerfoot, Lisa Kerfoot, Sandra Hancock, directors$887,418
$35.21 million
15Access Foundation
1040 Georgia St W Suite 850, Vancouver V6E 4H1
1973Supports performing arts education for disadvantaged children and youth and assistance to disadvantaged individuals living in povertyNPRobert Bentall, board chair$8.67 million
$34.99 million1
16Sitka Foundation
650 Georgia St W Suite 510, Vancouver V6B 4N7
P: 604-718-7119 F: 604-718-7152
2008Support organizations that advance land and nature conservation, invest in community projects and groups globally, and provide leadership in stewardship and environmental educationPauline Megannety, executive directorRoss Beaty, president$1.64 million1
$1.04 million1
$34.89 million1
17Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward's Foundation
1155 Pender St W Suite 710, Vancouver V6E 2P4
1967Providing grants to charitable organizations in B.C. for projects that benefit the health of British ColumbiansNPLeo Sauve, president$1.09 million1
$1.08 million1
$29.09 million1
18Rix Family Foundation
PO Box 514, Nanaimo V9R 5L5
P: 604-737-7224 F: 604-737-7204 NP
1977Private foundation supporting universities and colleges, museums, galleries and concert halls and hospitalsNPLaurie Rix, president$1.15 million1
$1.5 million1
$28.11 million1
19Central City Foundation
304 Cordova St W Suite 206, Vancouver V6B 1E8
P: 604-683-2263 F: 604-683-2205
1907Improving the lives of people in need in Vancouver's inner city by bringing together neighbours helping neighbours build a community of hopeJennifer Johnstone, president and CEOJulie McGill, Board Chair$1.41 million
$1.83 million
$7.36 million
$26.67 million
20Rick Hansen Foundation
3820 Cessna Dr Suite 300, Richmond V7B 0A2
P: 604 295 8149 F: 604 295 8159
1989Finding a cure for spinal cord injury and improving the quality of life for those with spinal cord injury and related disabilitiesCatherine Ruby, CFORick Hansen, Lyall Knott, foundation board co-chairs$27.59 million
$35.12 million
$6.76 million
$26.6 million

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