HootSuite further expands directory of apps

Thu Dec 6, 2012 10:00am PST

Vancouver-based social media management system HootSuite announced this morning that it has once again expanded its app directory, following an announcement mid-November that saw new Facebook features being added to its dashboard.

These latest additions to the app directory are:

Publish-and-share content apps:

  • Vimeo: an online video sharing website;
  • blogs: a self-hosted blogging tool; and
  • Via.Me: an app that allows users to share stories in pictures, video, sound and text.

Business content apps:

  • Reachli: a suite of tools to help users post and measure visual content on Pinterest; and
  • Scripted: a scalable content creation app to help businesses looking to increase their inbound marketing metrics.

“Social media and content creation, whether they be videos, photos or text, go hand-in-hand, so adding these five great tools was a very natural progression for us,” said HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. “By integrating these platforms into our app directory, we’ve facilitated content sharing through social channels while broadening the appeal and value of HootSuite’s dashboard for a large segment of our user base.”

HootSuite’s app directory now hosts 41 tools and applications built by third-party developers and partners.


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