Vancouver’s BroadbandTV wins Digi Award

Thu Dec 6, 2012 10:00am PST

Vancouver’s BroadbandTV was among five companies recognized as one of Canada’s top digital companies, along with Vancouver mobile game developer A Thinking Ape, at the annual Digi Awards in Toronto Tuesday.

The Top Digital Media Companies award is given to groundbreaking Canadian companies in the digital media space.

“We’re excited to be recognized as a leader in Canada’s digital media space,” said Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV.

“We pride ourselves on creating the most advanced technology for content creators and we’re always searching for new ways to solve their challenges through technological innovation.”

The Digi Award is just the latest distinction Rafati has earned. She was also named to Fast Company’s Top 100 list of the world’s most creative people in 2011.

As described in Business in Vancouver in October, Rafati built the company on the explosive growth of online video by coming up with a way to monetize and control pirated viral video.


Tags: science and technology, digital media, BroadbandTV, Shahrzad Rafati

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