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UBC School of Economics adding new international degree program

Thu Dec 6, 2012 10:00am PST

The University of British Columbia has announced an expansion of its School of Economics that will add 10 new faculty members, more than 300 new student spaces and a new undergraduate degree program with a focus on the global economy.

“UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics will expand UBC’s place as a global leader in economic policy,” said school director Michael Devereux.

“This new centre will educate the next generation of global policy leaders – both those in Canada and other countries – and help to inform policy solutions for our challenging global economy.”

The Sauder School of Business will be a supporting partner of the new program. Students enrolled in the new full-time, four-year Bachelor of International Economics degree program will learn about banking policy, taxation effects, global macroeconomics, labour market and skills development and gender and environmental economics.

International and domestic students will be paired together in small classes and will gain experience through research projects, exchange programs, internships and co-op placements.

The new degree program is slated to begin in September 2013.


Tags: labour market, economic policy, economic policy, economics, University of British Columbia, banking, Sauder School of Business

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