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Westshore Terminals files lawsuit after ship collision

Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:00am PST

Westshore Terminals Ltd. Partnership has filed suit against the Japanese owners of the ship Cape Apricot after the vessel allegedly collided with Westshore's coal export terminal in Delta on December 7.

The suit, also filed December 7, names as defendants both the ship's owners, Tokei Kaiun Ltd., and the ship itself, which sails under the Panamanian flag.

The suit alleges that, in the early hours of December 7, the ship was approaching Berth 2 at Westshore's Roberts Bank terminal to load coal for overseas export.

"In the course of doing so," the statement of claim alleges, "the vessel was navigated, managed and operated in a negligent manner, or in the alternative, in a grossly negligent manner by her owners, master, pilot and crew."

The suit claims that the ship collided with the terminal, severing the trestle and knocking the components it carries into the sea.

The plaintiff alleges that, as the result of damage to the trestle, the terminal's Berth 1 will be unusable "for an extended period of time."

Westshore is seeking damages.

Vancouver-based coal exporter Teck Resources Ltd. (TSX:TCK.A, TCK.B) has announced plans to shift some of its coal to Neptune Terminals, following the "incident" at Westshore.



Tags: law, Japan, Panama, Westshore Terminals Ltd., coal

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