Startup helps Urban Barn get anonymous customer feedback

Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:00am PST

Vancouver technology startup ChattBack has snagged its largest customer for the service of enabling customers to provide anonymous feedback.

Urban Barn, which ranked No. 96 on Business in Vancouver's most recent list of B.C.'s largest companies, has agreed to pay ChattBack a monthly fee to be able to hear from customers anonymously.

Customers can go to ChattBack's website and click a link to get a number to text feedback on the shopping experience. ChattBack, therefore, replaces traditional comment cards.

Business owners who use ChattBack get a dedicated number for customers to text and then use ChattBack technology to respond to the comments.

"ChattBack is giving us a whole new platform to communicate with our customers all while delivering the feedback we yearn to hear," said Urban Barn marketing manager Brianna Matheson.

Other Vancouver-based clients that ChattBack has lined up include the restaurants Mr. Mikes, Sip Resto Lounge and Cookies of Course.

Elizabeth George and John Goodall co-founded ChattBack in January 2012.


Tags: computing and information technology, wireless technology, social media

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