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Technology gifts most popular among B.C. adults

Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:00am PST

B.C. adults most want technology gifts this holiday season, according to an Insights West – 6S Marketing survey released December 17.

The study showed that 20% of adults chose technology gifts out of 13 categories of gifts. The attraction of technology gifts was even greater for teens, with 59% of parents with teens surveyed ranking technology gifts as their children’s most-wanted gift category.

Coming in lower on the list for adults were items such as:

  • clothing and accessories (17%);
  • gift certificates (11%);
  • books, music and movies (10%);
  • cash (10%); and
  • household items (8%).

Parents who have teens were then asked to rank their teen’s top preferences. Technology was the overwhelming favourite, listed by 59% of parents.

Far down the list for teens are:

  • cash (11%);
  • clothes and accessories (8%);
  • books, music and movies (8%); and
  • toys (7%).

Among parents with kids under 12, toys rank number one among 60%, followed by technology items (21%). Nothing else comes close, said Steve Mossop, President of Insights West.

“It is surprising how dominant technology gifts are at Christmas time,” Mossop added.


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