White Rock river mapping company gets federal grant

Thu Jan 3, 2013 10:00am PST

A White Rock company that specializes in hydrological mapping is getting a boost from the federal government to field test a new satellite imaging system for mapping rivers.

FSR Fluvial Systems Research Inc. has been awarded a $238,417 grant under the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP).

The grant will help cover the cost of field testing a new satellite mapping system on seven rivers across Canada, FSR Fluvial president Stephen Bird told Business in Vancouver.

“It helped us to make formal tests of the work we’ve done in house,” Bird said. “We originally had plans to test it locally in the Lower Mainland area, and this allowed us to spread our test sites right across the country.”

Founded in 1998, FSR Fluvial focused primarily on geoscience analysis for the forestry sector. In 2008, the company started diversifying and now subcontracts with large engineering companies.

Rivers change over time, and updated river maps are needed to assess the potential impact of that movement on critical infrastructure, including dams, roads, railways and pipelines.

The analysis can also be used by engineering companies for dam and run-of-river projects and pipeline builders.


Tags: research, computing and information technology, engineering

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