Production companies sue over film credits

Tue Jan 8, 2013 12:01am PST

Production companies Network Entertainment Inc. and Network Pictures Twelve Inc. have filed suit after a film deal for the companies to produce a television pilot was allegedly breached.

The plaintiffs are suing Delaware company Saint Sophia, LLC and its principal or agent Chris Tavlarides for allegedly breaching terms of a deal to produce a pilot based on the life of boxer Ray Mancini.

The suit claims that Network Entertainment entered into a contract with Tavlarides on December 1, 2010, to complete the pilot. It claims that in the contract, Tavlarides agreed that:

•he would accord Network Entertainment, Derik Murray and Paul Gertz certain credits in the main titles of the pilot; and

•he would indemnify Network Entertainment and Network Pictures Twelve against "any loss, damage, cost, fine, penalty and expense" suffered by the companies as a result of "the breach of any representation or agreement made by Tavlarides" under the contract.

The suit alleges that, in breach of the contract, Tavlarides failed to accord film credits to Network Entertainment, Murray and Gertz on final production of the pilot.

The court document claims that, as a result, the plaintiff companies suffered "certain losses and damages."

The suit claims that on March 21, 2012, Tavlarides terminated the contract and demanded an accounting from Network Entertainment for the pilot, which it alleges was provided a month later.

The suit claims that, despite alleged breaches of contract and the plaintiffs' alleged losses, Tavlarides and Saint Sophia are demanding payment for "an excessive and unsubstantiated sum of money," which the defendants allege is due under the contract.

The plaintiffs are seeking a declaration that the contract is terminated, a declaration that the plaintiffs' accounting is accurate and damages against all defendants.

None of these allegations has been proven in court.

As of press deadline, no response to the civil claim had been filed.

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