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Waldorf Hotel granted 120-day reprieve

Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:00am PST

Vancouver city council voted unanimously yesterday to grant the Waldorf Hotel a 120-day temporary protection order so a review can be conducted to determine whether or not the landmark should be granted heritage status.

The Waldorf, considered to be a cultural hub in East Vancouver, was purchased last week by the Solterra Group of Companies, raising concerns about the future of the iconic hotel.

The actions involved in the review will include the completion of a “statement of significance” and a full evaluation as to whether or not the property meets heritage status.

The statement of significance will detail the hotel’s description, heritage values, the history it represents and its value to the community.

The building must meet the following criteria in order to be included in the heritage registry:

  • it must show architectural and historical significance;
  • the building’s context and surroundings must still be clear;
  • exterior alterations must be limited; and
  • the building must have been constructed before 1940, with the exception of “recent landmarks,” which would be the case for the Waldorf.

Vancouver city manager Penny Ballem spoke to city council yesterday and said the owners of the hotel have stated they have no plans to demolish the building, and that they have “signaled strong interest to co-operate with the City.”

A report detailing the heritage assessment of the 1947-built hotel must be provided to city council by May 15.


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