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Three B.C. cities are Canada’s finalists for Earth Hour City Challenge

Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:00am PST

Three cities in Canada have been selected as finalists for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s Earth Hour City Challenge – and they are all in B.C.

The WWF announced this morning that Vancouver, Surrey and Colwood, B.C., have been selected to represent Canada in the final challenge.

There are 17 finalists worldwide, which the organization says have reported impressive climate actions.

“The Earth Hour City Challenge clearly demonstrates that strong commitments at the local level can help reverse unsustainabile trends,” said WWF International director general Jim Leape.

Linda Nowlan, director of Pacific conservation, WWF-Canada, said, “B.C.’s strong provincial climate action plan may be one reason why we have such a strong showing from cities in this province.”

The world finalists are:

  • In Canada: Colwood, Surrey and Vancouver (with an honourable mention to North Vancouver);
  • In India: Cochin, Colmbator and Delhi;
  • In Italy: Forli and Siena;
  • In Norway: Arendal, Oslo and Stavanger;
  • In Sweden: Malmö, Stockholm and Uppsala; and
  • In the United States: Chicago, Cincinnati and San Francisco.

The Global Earth Hour Capital winner will be selected from these finalists and presented at a conference on March 19, 2013, in Malmö, Sweden.



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