“Music Bingo” trademark holder sues over bar game

Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:01am PST

A Burnaby-based marketing firm has filed suit against a rival company and a North Delta pub, alleging that a “Music Bingo” trademark has been infringed.

Plaintiff Digital Impact Marketing and Communications Inc. filed suit in BC Supreme Court December 10, 2012, against Tracy Strand and Kim Greenall doing business as Hot Bitch Rock and Roll Bingo; and against Kennedy’s Pub Ltd.

The suit alleges that since approximately March 1999, Digital has used as a trademark the words “Music Bingo,” either alone or together with a related logo design. The suit claims that the plaintiff has provided entertainment services in connection with those words, involving “musical games and particular songs on a grid provided at restaurants, pubs and corporate events.”

The plaintiff claims that in 2005 it registered as a trademark the word “Music Bingo” and an associated design for use in Canada in association with entertainment in the form of musical games.

The suit claims that the plaintiff last performed its “Music Bingo” program at Kennedy’s Pub in 2008 but that as of approximately May 6, 2012, the pub began offering similar services under the name “Music Bingo.”

The court document claims that those services were performed by Hot Bitch Rock and Roll Bingo, which it alleges has since changed its name to Rock and Roll Bingo.

The plaintiff is seeking damages and an injunction against the defendants for alleged infringement of the plaintiff’s trademark.

None of these allegations has been proved in court.

As of press deadline, no response to the civil claim had been filed.

Tags: law, music, Delta

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