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Proposed Kitimat LNG facility nears reality

Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:00am PST

Ottawa yesterday granted approval to a proposed liquified natural gas facility (LNG) near Kitimat and a set of regulations to govern its evolution.

The facility on the Haisla First Nation’s (HFN) Bees Indian Reserve No. 6, about 650 kilometres north of Vancouver, is slated to provide Canadian energy producers with a doorway to overseas markets while creating jobs and economic growth opportunities for the HFN and the entire northwest region of B.C.

“Our government continues to take steps that will contribute to job creation, economic growth and Canada's long-term prosperity,” said Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development minister John Duncan.

The facility, which is in the engineering and design phase, has a Canadian National Energy Board (CNEB) licence to export 10 million tons of LNG per year.

The key commercial proponents of the project are Apache Canada Ltd. and Chevron Canada Ltd., operating as Kitimat LNG.

Ottawa, Victoria and the HFN have signed a deal that ensures provincial officials will have regulatory oversight for the plant.


Tags: Kitimat, regulation, economic growth, National Energy Board, natural gas, energy, federal government, aboriginal, engineering

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