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B.C. government reappoints AG John Doyle after public backlash

Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:00am PST

In an abrupt aboutface, a legislative special committee tasked with appointing B.C.'s next auditor general (AG) has reappointed incumbent John Doyle.

Earlier this month, the government triggered a significant backlash when the public deduced, through job ads placed in daily and national papers, that the government was looking to replace Doyle.

Doyle, who has held the office since 2007, is known for rattling the government's chain regarding access to documents related to the BC Rail political corruption case, BC Hydro accounting practices that defer expenses to future years and sloppy bookkeeping at the legislative assembly.

Doyle's supporters for reappointment have included NDP party leader Adrian Dix and, eventually, Premier Christy Clark.

Yesterday, the legislative special committee released a report that "unanimously recommends" that Doyle be reappointed to a second term, ending on October 31, 2015.

The report states that the committee, after receiving notification from Doyle that he wished to be considered for reappointment, interviewed him.

"The outcome of that meeting was that members agreed, on division, to conduct an open competition," the report states.

The report details the job ad placements, which it states "prompted considerable interest."

It then states that the committee met on January 16, 18 and 23 to "review its decision," whereupon the committee decided to unanimously recommend Doyle's appointment to a second term as B.C.'s AG.



Tags: Adrian Dix, Christy Clark, John Doyle, New Democratic Party of British Columbia

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