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Port okays controversial coal expansion

Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:00am PST

Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) has approved coal-handling upgrades at Neptune Terminals – one of two controversial local proposals to up coal-handling capacity in the Metro Vancouver area.

In November 28, 2012, climate activists released an open letter calling on PMV to delay making any decisions on the proposed upgrades, stating that the expansions would result in an increase in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 100 million tonnes.

In a note on its website, PMV stated that it has issued project permits to Neptune Terminals to expand the terminal’s coal-handling capacity and install a new stacker reclaimer on its site.

“Taking into consideration environmental and technical information, as well as municipal, community and First Nations input, Port Metro Vancouver has made an informed decision to approve these project permits,” the port stated.

The expansion plans, which will occur within Neptune’s existing footprint, will take Neptune’s coal-handling plans to 18.5 million tonnes per year. According to Neptune, the additional capacity will mean that approximately one additional train per day and one additional ship per week will call on the terminal.



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