Invoke Media spins out new tech incubator

Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:00am PST

The Vancouver company that spun out the social media juggernaut HootSuite is spinning again with the launch of a new tech startup incubator.

According to Techvibes, Invoke Media is taking its own internal tech incubator, Invoke Labs, and spinning it off into a stand-alone company.

The digital media company has used its own incubator to foster several successful digital and social media companies, including HootSuite and

"Invoke Labs provides incubation services to technology startups with compelling ideas," said COO Keith Ippel, who will be in charge of the new incubator.

"We want to help both Invoke Media and smart entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality, while providing opportunities for direct investment for investors in a diversified risk model."

Invoke co-CEO David Tedman said, "At Invoke Labs, we look for smart people with compelling ideas that have a lot of potential.

"Combined with our culture and experience, we think we can help build some really amazing businesses."


Tags: digital media, HootSuite Media Inc., social media,, entrepreneur

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