Richmond battery maker creates joint venture in Africa

Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:00am PST

Richmond's Corvus Energy has entered a joint venture with an African manufacturer to create a new company that will produce Corvus batteries for backup power in a region where electricity is often spotty.

Corvus has entered a partnership with Green Park Management Ltd. in Nigeria to create Corvus Energy Africa Ltd., which will manufacture Corvus's lithium polymer batteries for energy storage.

Under the agreement, Nigerian engineers will be trained in Richmond. The new Nigerian company will employ up to 35 people.

"Supplementing the national power infrastructure to deliver 24-hour connectivity with a non-grid source of power that is high-quality, reliable, economical and eco-friendly, provides a compelling opportunity for Corvus Energy to enter the African market," said Corvus Energy CEO Brent Perry.

"What works in Nigeria is demonstrative of how our technology will work in other off-grid applications around the world."

Corvus specializes in making lithium polymer batteries for heavy industrial applications such as ships, backup power and storage for renewable energy.

Formed three years ago, Corvus is already on track to do $20 million in sales this year and has a headcount of 50 people locally.

See the next issue of Business in Vancouver for the story of Corvus' growth and Vancouver's history as a leader in lithium battery technology.


Tags: renewable energy, management, joint venture, energy

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