Polycom to close Burnaby engineering office, 50-plus job losses

Tue Feb 5, 2013 10:00am PST

Global communications technology company Polycom is to close its Burnaby engineering office at the end of March, affecting the 75 employees working in that location.

Technology blog Techvibes published the story yesterday, reporting that Polycom will maintain about 20 local employees who will work remotely.

A source told Business in Vancouver that employees were informed about the shutdown last Monday, and that no official press releases or statements have been issued.

This news comes during Team Polycom 2013, a four-day convention the company is currently hosting in Vancouver until February 7.

Polycom is based in San Jose and has approximately 4,000 employees in 76 offices worldwide, including one in Toronto. The company provides video, voice and “telepresence” services used in remote conferencing and meetings.


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