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Bosa set to launch sales for renovated Yaletown building

Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:00am PST

Bosa Development Corp. is preparing to launch sales in the next week for its renovated, 21-year-old Pacific Point building at 1323 Homer Street, near Drake Street.

Bosa bought the 214-unit, 28-storey building last year for approximately $80 million, president Nat Bosa told Business in Vancouver February 18.

"I'm spending a helluva lot to remodel," Bosa said. "The bones of the building were good but otherwise, we've changed everything – from scraping the ceilings to make them smooth, changing all the kitchens, floors heaters, sprinkler system and water pipes."

The project was built at a time when there were plenty of condominiums on the Vancouver market, so the building's owner operated the site as a rental building, despite being stratified so each unit could be legally sold.

Unit prices will start at slightly more than $300,000 and range up to about $2 million, Bosa said.

"We don't have our disclosure statement yet," Bosa said. "We'll go to market in the next week or two."


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