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Tory Burch to open as part of high-end Vancouver retail block

Tue Apr 2, 2013 10:00am PST

High-end women’s fashion house Tory Burch is going to open a store on Alberni Street in Vancouver in September, the chain’s Calgary store manager Stephanie Koo has told Business in Vancouver.

“There are no other plans for stores in Canada outside of Vancouver,” Koo said. “Our Calgary store has been open for six months and the Toronto store has been open for about a year.”

The store will be part of a development that Concord Pacific is developing at the corner of Alberni and Thurlow streets.

It is expected to have a couple of other high-end tenants, though company spokesman Peter Udzenija would not reveal names.

The building stretches up Thurlow Street to where there is a Keg that is about to close.

Keg Restaurants Ltd. owner David Aisenstat told BIV in February that Concord Pacific was seeking high-end tenants only for the building (except for where there is a Dollar Giant location in the basement).

“They’re doing a renovation of the whole building and will have some very high-end, exciting retail tenants,” Aisenstat said. “From their perspective, they’re going to want a restaurant at that location that is part of a very high-end tenant group.”

See next week's issue of BIV for more on the exclusive Alberni retail area.


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