Vancouver firm develops restaurant reservation app for executive assistants

Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:00am PST

A Vancouver developer is launching a restaurant reservation app that specifically targets executive assistants, event planners and hotel concierge staff who need to book large groups for meals on their iPhones.

iTendr allows users to enter their requests into the system and a shortlist of restaurants with confirmed availability will be returned, which iTendr co-founder and CEO Patrick Malone said differs from comparable apps such as OpenTable.

Users of other apps, he said, have to check the availability of each restaurant separately. Another difference, according to Malone, is that other apps have “rigid impediments” with regard to group size.

“iTendr works ideally for larger and last-minute reservations,” Malone told Business in Vancouver.

“Executive assistants are really underserved by modern technology, so we’re trying to go in and move the needle of office productivity in a meaningful way. It dramatically speeds up the booking process.”

Users do not pay a fee for the service; restaurants spend between $0.99 and $2.99 to connect.

Malone just finished pitching iTendr on Dragons’ Den, but he was unable to say how the product fared.

“We’re under non-disclosure because we’re in the coming season.”


Tags: internet, British Columbia Restaurant and Food Services Association, computing and information technology, wireless technology, food

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