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UBC and Cisco to partner on campus energy initiatives

Tue May 28, 2013 12:01am PST

The University of British Columbia and Cisco announced a partnership yesterday that will see the university and the IT giant undertake a number of energy-focused initiatives over the next five years.

According to Bill MacGowan, vertical solutions architect with Cisco, initial plans for the partnership include work on Orchard Commons – a project consisting of student residences, teaching spaces and support services – and working with students in the engineering department.

MacGowan said the building systems such as lighting and fire safety in Orchard Commons will be evaluated for innovation possibilities.

The engineering lab will be opened to companies that wish to test new products with UBC students before producing their respective goods.

Two key elements of the agreement are for:

  • Cisco to invest $1 million for collaborative projects over five years; and

  • Cisco and UBC to investigate the integration of all building systems onto one converged network.

Cisco Canada president Nitin Kawale said, "Cisco is committed to exploring opportunities presented by our increasingly connected world in order to enrich lives through the use of innovative technology.

"The work done by Cisco and UBC on campus will enable vital energy saving solutions for the university, and also serve as a roadmap for future smart community initiatives not only in Canada, but around the world."


Tags: Cisco Systems Inc., University of British Columbia, energy, engineering

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