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Clearly Contacts to open Kitsilano retail store

Mon Jul 1, 2013 12:01am PST

Vancouver-based Coastal Contacts (TSX:COA; Nasdaq:COA) plans to open a Clearly Contacts-branded retail store at 2152 West 4th Avenue in August, CEO Roger Hardy told Business in Vancouver June 28.

The revelation comes little more than three months after the online eyewear seller opened its first North American brick-and-mortar store at 1049 Robson Street in mid-March.

“We have been super-excited by our launch of our Robson Street showroom,” Hardy said. “It has exceeded our expectations.”

Coastal Contacts signed a short lease for the Robson Street space, which is rumoured to be part of what will soon be renovated into a multi-level flagship Sephora store.

Hardy said the Kitsilano store should be open for the back-to-school rush and that it would be “more permanent” than the Robson Street one.

“Given the success of this showroom location and the others we operate in other countries, we anticipate opening more locations across Canada,” Hardy said.

He would not reveal any more details on locations but rumours are that they will be in Toronto and Calgary. Speculation has also been that Coastal Contacts will open retail stores in locations in Australia.


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