lists: Biggest forestry companies in B.C. in 2013

Biggest forestry companies in B.C. in 2013

RANKED BY | Number of B.C. employees in 2013

Rank '13CompanyProductsYear foundedRevenue
Net income '12/
No. worldwide staff '13No. B.C. staff '13
1Canfor Corp
Lumber, engineered lumber, structural panels, decking, trim, siding and recycled wood products1938$2.7 billion
$2.4 billion
$41.4 million
$10.8 million
2West Fraser Timber Co Ltd
Lumber (spruce/pine/fir and southern yellow pine); panels (plywood, MDF and LVL), pulp (NBSK and BCTMP), newsprint, wood chips1955$3 billion
$2.8 billion
$86.7 million
$72.7 million
3Tolko Industries Ltd
Lumber, oriented strand board, plywood and veneer, kraft paper, harvest bins, biomass energy, and other value-added products1956NPNP3,2002,400
4Western Forest Products Inc
Lumber, logs, wood chips and value-added remanufacturing2004$925.4 million
$853.7 million
$29.1 million
$23.8 million
5Catalyst Paper Corp
Specialty papers, directory paper, newsprint, market pulp2001$1.1 million
$1.1 million
($974 million)
6International Forest Products
Fine-grain raw material for remanufacturing into consumer products, finished and semi-finished products and structural building materials1963$849.2 million
$758.2 million
($8.7 million)
($13.5 million)
7Teal Jones Group
Western red cedar lumber, bevel, siding, timbers; Douglas Fir and Hemlock lumber; western red cedar roofing, sidewall shakes and shingles1947$200 million2
$200 million
8Paper Excellence Group
Pulp and paperNPNPNP2,2578003
9Conifex Timber Inc
Lumber products and residuals2004$217.6 million
$124.8 million
($16.2 million)
($16.9 million)
10Richmond Plywood Corp
11Zellstoff Celgar LP
Softwood pulp, bio-electricity, bio-chemicalsNP$336.3 million
$392.8 million
($12.5 million)
$46 million
12Weyerhaeuser Company Limited
Building products: dimensional softwood lumber, engineered lumber (Parallam, Timberstrand), OSB, northern bleached softwood kraft pulp1965NPNP12,800428
13Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd
Value-added lumber products1951$100 million
$100 million
14Domtar Corp4
fiber-based business that produces communication papers, specialty and packaging papers, adult incontinence products2006$5.5 billion
$5.5 billion5
$172 million
$310 million5
15Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd
Northern bleached softwood kraft pulp2008NPNP300300
16Ainsworth Lumber Co Ltd
Oriented strand board, pointSix engineered flooring, stairtreads, webstock for I-joists1952$409.1 million
$293.3 million
$28.4 million
$8.3 million
17Brink Forest Products Ltd
Fingerjoint lumber/Remanufactering1975NPNP175175
18Coulson Group of Companies
Forest products1960NPNPNP1501
19TimberWest Forest Corp
Timberland and land management company1997NPNP9090
20West Chilcotin Forest Products Ltd
Rough and finished lumber (2x6, 2x4, 2x3, 1x4 and 1x6)1994$10 million

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