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B.C. government wants input on changing liquor laws

Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:00am PST

Should B.C. brewers be allowed to sell craft beer in convenience stores and grocery stores, like in Quebec and many states in the U.S.? Should taxes on booze be lowered?

The B.C. government is asking the public to weigh in on such questions, as it considers updating its liquor laws and has launched a website and social media campaign aimed at getting feedback from the public.

John Yap, parliamentary secretary for Liquor Policy Reform, made the announcement Saturday at Steamworks Brewing Co.

“Our government has been hearing from industry and stakeholders about changes they would like made to B.C.’s liquor laws,” said Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton. “This is the first review to take place in over a decade and the time is now to also hear from British Columbians.”

“I've already been able to meet with a number of industry and stakeholder groups to listen to their feedback and ideas on liquor reform, but I know British Columbians have many opinions of their own as well,” Yap added.

“We want to hear all of those over the next six weeks and I'm looking forward to actively engaging with people around the province through social media during that time to hear their ideas and their stories.”

B.C. consumers are invited to participate in Twitter town hall discussions, read and respond to blogs and submit their opinions online.



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