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David Anthony Childs is the founder of strategic branding and communication agency Living Blueprint (livingblueprint.com). His company specializes in helping clients discover their company’s core value and use appropriate forms of media in an orchestrated marketing campaign designed to forge an emotional connection with their audience.

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The anatomy of a compelling company story

Feb 18, 2014 - Every company has a story. Some are exciting like Virgin's, some tug at your heart like Tom's shoes, and others are more utilitarian...   Full Article

What is a random market – and are you serving one?

Jan 17, 2014 - Do you know your ideal market, or markets? Were your marketing materials deliberately designed to appeal to this group? Are your...   Full Article

Credibility up in smoke? Building a brand in a controversial industry

Nov 27, 2013 - Imagine your company not being graded for its merits, but on public perceptions based on lack of information or the actions of others. ...   Full Article

What if Virgin hired a Dragon? The importance of corporate alignment

Nov 07, 2013 - The term "corporate alignment" is often slipped into conversations, speeches or proposals in an effort to establish credibility. The...   Full Article

The marketing client isn't always right – and nor is the agency

Oct 09, 2013 - Trying to please demanding or inexperienced clients means ad agencies are habitually producing below-par campaigns that don't work for anyone....   Full Article

Advertising: short-term brilliance or long-term strategy?

Aug 12, 2013 - Imagine that you are an established company who creates a product that is valued by consumers. You devote a $50,000 advertising budget ...   Full Article

Want to win in your marketplace? Stop dreaming

Apr 30, 2013 - So your competitor is doing better than you, are they? Why did that happen?
Full Article

You can't fire me – I don't work here

Mar 04, 2013 - Need somebody to tell it to you straight? Suspect that one of your execs is just along for the ride? Looking for untapped potential...   Full Article

You're a perfectly fine company – so why don't I like you?

Jan 23, 2013 - Why a customer's choice of products or services often comes down to what feels right – and how to tap into that   Full Article

It's all been done before – or has it?

Dec 18, 2012 - I have never been a fan of that statement because it implies that we're doomed to a lifetime of repetition. I see the world offering...   Full Article

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