Marketing to Increase Sales



what is the Business Excellence Series?

Four times a year, Business in Vancouver promotes the message of business excellence with our award-winning Business Excellence Series. Topics identify specific issues that contribute to business excellence. Our 2014 series includes Marketing to Increase Sales, Manufacturing & Exporting, Business Growth and Money & Finance. For each of these special editions, BIV organizes a moderator-led panel discussion/breakfast revolving around the topic at hand.


Mary Charleson, President, Charleson Communications


1. Jamie Garratt, President and Founder, Idea Rebel
2. Jim Little, Chief Marketing Officer, Shaw Communications
3. Jeff Lucas, General Manager, Traction Creative Communications

Roundtable Sessions:

The Role of Brand in Building Your Business
With Jim Little, Chief Marketing Officer, Shaw Communications and Bob Turner, TEC Canada Chair

Building a Marketing Plan
With Jamie Garratt, President & Founder, Idea Rebel and Joyce Groote, TEC Canada Chair

Harnessing Social Media for Marketing
With Mary Charleson, President, Charleson Communications and Fiona Anderson, Editor in Chief, Business in Vancouver

Hiring Decisions: Agency or In-House?
Jeff Lucas, Partner, General Manager, Traction Creative Communications and Todd Babick, VP of Operations, Business in Vancouver


  • 7:00 am - 9:00 am


  • The Pan Pacific Hotel | Oceanview Ballroom
  • 999 Canada Pl. #300 Vancouver, BC


Where are the best places to find sales prospects? And once found, what can you do to grab their attention and engage them in your product or service? When trying to determine what marketing strategies will have the most positive results, testing content and processes is key. Astute marketers know it is essential to get the right message to potential customers via their website, social media and promotional materials, but is the message the same when trying to close a deal? BES Marketing to Increase Sales will tackle the strategies and processes that get you in front of the right clients and engage them just as they are ready to buy.


  • General Price: $69*
  • Member Price: $59
  • *Your registration fee includes a 13 week free trial to Business in Vancouver


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