Every year, 40 business stars under the age of 40 are profiled in Business in Vancouver and then honoured at a gala awards evening. For 2013/14 event information and to register for the dinner, click here

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Forty Under 40 Winners 2013/14

For the 23rd year, Business in Vancouver honours the remarkable professional achievements of Vancouver's young entrepreneurs and business leaders

Forty Under 40 Winners 2012/13

After 22 years, Business in Vancouver continues to recognize the outstanding leadership, business acumen and community contributions of exceptional young professionals

Forty Under 40 Winners 2011/12

Read the bios of our 2011 Forty under 40 winners and you'll find out how positive many winners were in terms of their lessons learned when answering the question: What advice would you give the younger you?

Forty Under 40 Winners 2010/11

As the expression goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. But when it comes to conceiving, starting or running a successful business, our 2010 winners know that the more input you get, the better. So while almost every entrepreneur, CEO and manager knows what it's like to be chief cook and...

Forty Under 40 Winners 2009/10

What makes a Forty under 40 award winner? Do you have to know at the age of nine that you want to be a lawyer, as Stacey Handley did? Do you need to start your own company by the age of 14 like Milun Tesovic? Do you have to build a $2 million company from a meagre start of $20 and a U-Haul like...

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