BIV on Roundhouse September 22, 2016: Vancouver Startup Week to showcase city's tech sector

FrontFundr is helping startups crowdsource money through an online platform | Rob Kruyt

Vancouver Startup Week starts up next week, and VSW chair Andrew Dilts joins BIV to discuss the event’s evolution, what guests can expect this year, as well as general themes in the startup world.

Then, Sean Burke will be joining VSW to discuss alternative ways of connecting entrepreneurs with capital. This includes FrontFundr, which connects startup business owners with a wider investor community. Later, Will the federal government’s decision to implement a minimum, national carbon price be effective?

And how will this impact B.C., where one already exists? UBC’s Sumeet Gulati discusses the decision, as well as alternatives that could help Canada achieve its climate goals.

Click here to listen to the latest episode.

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